Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can (Have Ice Cream)

My niece had the chance to vote today on which dessert the class would have and the winner was ice cream. There was doubt for a while if sugar cookies would win but in the end I think the right decision was made. I'm entirely proud and enormously excited about the ice cream and obviously very tired after watching all of the dessert poll numbers. I think I had a sugar rush at one point and saw a holographic hallucination of Wolf Blitzer sprinkling red and blue toppings on the ice cream.

I need sleep. Tell me what you think of Tuesday night.


  1. Hmmm...I expected it. Happy about the first black president thing. Voted Republican. I am a big believer in supporting our presidents...attitude this morning. I'm a little pissy.
    Cute picture!

  2. YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAHhHHHHHH!!!!!

  3. Brownies last night needed some
    of that icecream, but the happiness
    for the results of the election made up for it.

  4. Is a big victory and the only exit we have as a country and as a planet..

    Bush destroy --the economy and killed so many inoccent people overseas with his fanatism--so much during the last 8 years ,now Obama should reconstruct the real democratic path,and return the real american spirit distorted by retrograds
    republicans.Be the Force with Thou!


  5. Cute neice!

    I refused to believe the results at first. I was preparing myself for the same heartbreak I had in 2000 and 2004. I am thrilled that Obama won so soundly - no recounts or lawsuits or Supreme Court decisions needed!

    I woke up this morning feeling hopeful about our country for the first time in too many years.

  6. Phoned Matkatamib@ (Matkat) this morning and he was not in a good mood. He was thinking about the outcome last night Said he was geocaching and looking for a cache and eventually kick the contents right out of it.

  7. I know what it's like having my candidate not win. But I must say there is such a profound change in attitude and hopefullness in so many people. It may not be what everyone wanted, but I hope this change in direction will be positive for everyone because we are all in this together.

    And don't kick the geocaches. It makes it harder for the next person to find it.

  8. i though i was dreaming.... i got chills.. then I started screaming.... it was beautiful..lol

    and then I cried when I found out Sheriff Arpaio was eleceted here in Arizona...big loss

    i guess you can't win them all...

  9. Our racist sheriff got re-elected too. He famously spoke - in uniform - at a Palin rally here in Lee County and whipped the crowd into a frenzy by emphatically using Obama's middle name to a thunderous round of jeers. Idiot.