Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm watching. The more I write, the more words Google has to search on the blog and that means more random searches bring people here. I use Statcounter and can see what people are searching for. I'm endlessly amused by the bizarre and often inexplicable things people are looking to find.

A few examples of Keywords, Search Words or Queries that people have entered to reach my site:
  • picture of monkeys in diapers
  • milking a rat
  • pooping at festivals
  • snakes on a roller coaster
  • slap the monkey on the butt
  • cupcakes guayaquil ecuador (ok this one makes sense)
  • monkeys throw poop zoologist
  • what was in the box in Indiana Jones 4 (i'm guessing a poop flinging monkey with a cupcake?)
  • red sox taco
  • kicking a rabbit
  • hovercraft tours of the everglades
  • Larry Kritcher (Larry....who's looking for you?)
  • Florida 2000 ballot boxes thrown away everglades
  • cucaracha island florida

Maybe I'm just bored now that the election is over. Maybe I'm just easily amused. Clearly I write too much about poop, monkeys, cupcakes and Larry Kritcher.

1 comment:

  1. Clearly you do.
    So, as an experiment, let's say I throw out a couple of random phrases (and you post my comment). How many more weirdos would it bring to your blog?
    Lollipop dueling robots
    Mango flavored lemurs
    Three-legged hippo sweaters