Sunday, January 28, 2007

Southward bound - Vermont to Florida

It's Sunday before I head south to Florida. The moving truck is almost packed and snow flurries are coming down. It's a balmy 21 degrees in Manchester, Vermont and the latest check shows Fort Myers, Florida, my new home, at 60 degrees with rain showers. Sounds good. After four and a half years working for the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, I have decided to try new adventures for an old employer, the Everglades Day Safari. ( I led guided educational eco-tours into the Everglades from 1998-2000 and part of my new position will be the same! So if you enjoy adventures filled with beautiful birds, alligators, manatees, dolphins and indigo snakes in the wild cypress swamps and saw-grass prairies of the Everglades, than keep an eye on this blog which will be regularly updated with photos, sightings and entertaining tales of my adventures in the Everglades. Wohoo!