Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sand Witches, Sand Pigs and a Naughty Sand Santa

I hate sand. It's a terrible ice cream topping. It sticks to everything. I've never liked it and it's nearly impossible to get me to the beach let alone in the water. But Fort Myers Beach held their 22nd annual National Sand Sclupting Championship this week and the beach loving, art enthusiast that is Ma-Le would never have forgiven me if I hadn't put up with a little sand in my shorts to see some of the most amazing sand sculptors on the planet. Check them out and vote for your favoriteIt starts with a wedding cake. Each sculptor of which I believe there were over 30, begins earlier in the week. Except for this guy. They all have their own water on hand in what looks like the worst kiddie pool ever.
Most start at the top and work their way down. Some have a small sand model to work from. Some have sketches. Some simply dig in (using very sand specific tools for carving, scooping, drilling and shaving).
The event draws thousands of people down the beach. For those without fantastic connections, parking is a nightmare. (Not for me! Thanks Kenny and Michelle!) They use a "wet glue" to make sure the whole thing doesn't fall apart on them. I assume the pray for no rain. Not sure if the glue would hold up in more than a drizzle. (Sand Buccaneer)Many are over eight feet tall and depending on the perspective - look like enormous life-sized castles. The scuptures. Not the sculuptors. (Eischer in the sand)Some are naughty (Sanda Clause in Naughty is Nice)Some are nice (Old McDonald Had a Band)Some are deeply personal (Taken) I believe this was in memory of the sculptors daughter who had passed away a month earlier.Some are reflections of the sea. (Neptune's Daughter)
Some reflections of the sky. (Soaring over Sand)
Ma-Le's favorite (Paris Vacation) which is surprising since she has said "I don't like nuthin' French". Turns out she was talking about bread.

My favorite (Above the Clouds and Over the Moon)

A close 2nd favorite. (Sun over Moon)
My third favorite - the traditional castle. It was here that I had to restrain Ma-Le who wanted to dive into this one. I guess I can't complain. 75 degrees, no humidity and just a bit of sand between my toes. I can deal with that.


  1. THat was fun, thanks for dealing so well with the sand! Best part was the sandy hotdog haha

  2. I like Neptune's Daughter. No comment on the sandy hotdog.

  3. The Ecuadorian insists she meant nothing by that comment. Honest to God she had a $3 beach hot dog with all the fixings. It looked nasty. I held out for a cheeseburger.

  4. I think we all have to keep mentioning three-legged hippo sweaters and in a few days Google's spiders will pick it up and place it in the searches.

  5. awesome glad you posted the picks. I had been looking forward to it.
    -Fire flower

  6. Great coverage of the Sand Sculpting Festival! I had to report on it for our paper on the beach - the Island Sand Paper - and you did a much better job! Want to moonlight as a reporter?

  7. Those are awesome pictures. But how can you not like the beach????

  8. oh so many reasons. Almost drowned at Turtle Beach when I was nine....I hated taking off my shirt when I was little....I hated the sand sticking to everything. I love the beach when I am in the mood. I am more of a hip deep in water, slog through the jungle person. And I know that I am in the minority.