Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh no - the cat got into the Cheetos?!?

We're flying to Vermont in a few minutes but a few hours ago, my cat (General Tso) and I got into a Curious George type of nightmare. I was spray painting a box fluorescent orange. Once again - never mind what was in the box. Despite my best efforts to cover the porch floor and spray only the box, it was seem I missed.

Obliviously - I left the box to dry, headed into my office, read a few emails and went back to check on the paint. As I crossed the living room floor I noticed ghostly orange orange footprints across the carpet! I looked out to the porch and apparently the orange mist had settled and I had tracked paint across the carpet. Idiot!

So I'm scrubbing away and after seemingly getting most of the paint off the carpet I look out on the porch and General Tso is prancing in the paint! IDIOT!

MaLe grabbed the cat who looked like he'd just run through a Cheetos factory. She dunked him in the tub, scrubbing the orange paint from his black paws.

After donning my invisible hazmat suit I scrubbed down the porch and vowed to never paint anywhere near the home again. Grrrr.

Let's hope the General stays out of trouble for the next 5 days while we're in Vermont and Massachusetts.


  1. Manny's BoyfriendAugust 7, 2008 at 7:17 AM

    You meant to type 'hope' not 'home' in the last paragraph. Yes.. I am an anal retentive jerk!

  2. What! Coming to Vermont and NOT telling us!!!
    Please come see us! I am putting the paint away though.

    One time I found a path of green handprints on my floor that led through three rooms. I followed the path to only to find Lily at the end of it with her hands behind her back. I looked at her and she said, "What are my green hands doing?"


  3. OMG! Mama said there'd be days like this! ;-) Enjoy your trip and no worries. The General will hold down the fort for you!


  4. Thanks for the correction. I don't edit because I am lazy which makes me look stupid.