Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweet Mother Gator

So startled was I when the mother gator hissed and lunged that I tripped over my own feet and nearly plunged into the water with the mother gator while - yes - trying to run away.

I knew mama gator was around. She's in the same spot nearly everyday, protecting the nest of eggs under the dock. But alligators can make some incredibly loud noises and this 9 foot mama is no exception. Nesting started at the end of June and it takes 63 days or so to incubate so mama will stay put, driving away raccoons, possum, snakes and birds that will try to eat the eggs. She has to be wary of any males that may wander through and eat the babies after they hatch.
The dock that she nests under is taped off to keep tourists out. I was on the dock taking a picture of a grasshopper near the nest when mama let me know I was too close.
For the best results - turn the volume up before playing the video. This was her second attempt to drive me away after my heart rate had settled.


  1. O.K. I just know if a mama gator was after me I WOULD trip over my own feet!

  2. Have you ever made that noise to strangers when your kids were threatened?

  3. i noticed your meez is dancing, did it have 3 drinks?

  4. I'm ashamed to say a resounding YES!!!!!

  5. Nay - why be ashamed.I can remember both of my parents growling at a few strangers - it leaves the kids with a good impression of their parents parenting skills.

    On that note - mama gator ate a 4 foot gator today. I hope it was not one of hers. Hard to tell. They all look the same.

  6. Meez is running away - just looks like he is dancing. I spent 20 minutes of my life trying to find the right animation for him. I could have spent that time more productively like cleaning the cat litter.

  7. Cleaning the cat litter?! That's what kids are for. You should get one. I pay $.50 everytime it gets cleaned. Can you recommend any "good for the environment" litter? My cat poops a lot.


  8. Too bad you don't have any video of MaLe's 8 foot gator leap. This sure looks like one of those "lurking" gators that the news article was talking about. I expect photos of the babies once they hatch.