Sunday, August 31, 2008

7-10 Split

We're finally heading to the Great Smokey Mountains for out "honeymoon". We'll be missing the 7-10 Split Bowling Event this evening in Naples (Sorry Gomer and Kara). That is if Hurricane Gustav doesn't alter plans.

We'll get a 7-10 split of our own as that hurricane passes by and Tropical Storm Hannah lingers to the east. We'll squeeze up I-75 between the two storms and hope that all remains well back at home. On our way north, we hope to stop at Ziggy's - an animal sanctuary in Lake City, FL where 4 of our monkeys from the former Florida Monkey Sanctuary now reside. Most noteable is Gertie - a 26 year old spider monkey who was raised by my parents and is like a long lost sister to me. There may be tears. 100% chance if she remembers me.

Gertie is seen above - swaddled in the pink and white crocheted blanket - playing the role of the baby Jesus. (circa 1983?) Gertie was brought to a new sanctuary in 2008 after suffering was a skin problem (seen below) at her home in North Carolina. I'm told she's doing much better.
Then its up to Tennessee for a few days of hiking, waterfalls, train rides and cave exploration.

I hope everyone stays safe in the storms.


  1. Pete, I am looking at the image of the family with Gertie....hmm...not sure if it is right or not. Seems that is just how I remember you all, age and size, etc. If you say it is around 1983....I don't think so. I really last saw you all around 1980 or so. Unless you all have refused to age at all in those few years!!!:-) I think it is Topaz. But you all know better than I do. Looks like Topaz when you first got her. Small and frail. I started working for you mom and pop in 1979....

    Hope you had a good honeymoon we hope to catch up with you both soon.

    -Mike H.

    P.S.- See how sweet Mandy is? I do remember your amount of hair!

  2. haha - I don't use spellcheck and I don't even fact check.

    You are absolutely right - that was Topaz. Any good primatologist can identify the fuzzy top os a Siamang when compared to a Spider Monkey!

    But yes - Mandy would have been 5 in 1979 - and I had hair. Give it 10 more good years before it fell out!