Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tink! - Tropical Storm Fay

As a kid I always loved the board game Bermuda Triangle. The purpose was to move your four ships around the Caribbean and Atlantic, picking up cargo and avoiding the massive hurricane that randomly spun across the board.

Now I feel like I'm part of the game and it was only a matter of time before a hurricane came my way. I've lived in Florida for 28 years of my life and never had a hurricane pass by. This one is making me nervous. MaLe and I are heading to Fort Lauderdale now for a wedding (Sunday 8/17), but may have to return Sunday night to retrieve cats or hunker down with them if things get sour. Maybe it'll go to Texas. In the board game, if the hurricane spun over the top of you, it made a sickening "tink" sound when the magnet sucked up your ship. I'm thinking the noise will be a little different in real life and as far as I know magnets are not involved.


  1. Oh, I completely forgot about that game...I loved it. But you're right, as an adult it takes on a completely different meaning. Convenient how you seem to have been not living in Florida each time a huricane has been near where we were. Stay safe.

  2. Good luck with Fay and NO (!) it's not coming to Texas. We survived Dolly and don't want another any time soon! Hopefully, your beloved Everglades will get beneficial rains and little else.


  3. Hey Dude! We've (TX) had our hurricane for this year...Dolly! ;-) Seriously, I hope that you and the rest of Florida are spared. This whole hurricane thing has become tiresome.