Saturday, August 2, 2008

Foolish Bride

MaLe and I were listening to my favorite band, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers on the iPod as we headed to see them at the Social in Orlando. Their song Love was playing and she said she didn't like it because of the line that says "Please take away my foolish bride".

I laughed and sang the lyrics:

Please take away my doubt
Please take away my fears
Please take away my foolish pride

Open up my hands
Open my arms
Open my eyes
Open my heart up wide
Revolution's on the inside

Who hasn't heard the wrong lyrics a time or two? It also makes for a nice segue into the proclamation of our wedding now 6 months past.

It was a Wednesday and we had the day off. I think that was the case. If it wasn't don't tell my boss, but the plan had been to be married on January 23rd, 2008 and have a celebration in November with friends and family.

Upon entering the County Clerks office we entered the queue and had to take a number. I debated between choosing the Maple Smoked Ham or the Mesquite Smoked Turkey but quickly remembered what we were there for. The Mexican couple with matching straw cowboy hats helped as well.

The ceremony before the Justice of the Peace was nice enough and government workers stood and clapped after I was permitted to kiss the bride. The stuff of childhood dreams.We enjoyed lunch at the Veranda across the street. I recommend the fried grits smothered in a cajun red pepper sauce. If only for the adventure.

Our honeymoon was a trip to Lover's Key State Park which was surprisingly dark and foggy for mid-afternoon in Florida. It gave it a serene and mystical, yet unicornless atmosphere.

I served as photographer. It just felt weird to have someone else following us around with a camera. Like always.
It was a beautiful day shared between the two of us. No fuchsia bridesmaid dresses. No honey-cream walnut wedding cake. No Electric Slide. Just us.

As for the November ceremony? It would have been beautiful as planned but as we moved along in the process, the financial and mental toll it was taking after a few short weeks became exhausting. It would have been great to have her family from Ecuador and the US and my family from the US all together. But by not having that celebration - 3 days and 2 nights of festivities - we saved ourselves thousands of dollars on accommodations that can be spent starting out on this new life. We saved our guests thousands of dollars on flights, hotels and food and we saved the planet all of the resources that would have been spent getting people here, providing shelter for them and feeding them.

So basically we had a 2 person "green" wedding. (Don't say the word elope to MaLe - she turns into She-Hulk!)

So the ceremony is off and that is ok! Were already married anyway and I loved our wedding day!

I was listening to the wife sing another song by Roger Clyne a while back. Without complaint she sang the chorus "Menuation.....menuation fall in love". I laughed and corrected the lyric and knew then we would have our first dance to that song at our imaginary ceremony.

We still sing it the wrong way, but here it is by Roger himself....

(Te amo mucho, babycita)


  1. You cancelled the November festivities after you learned MeLa had hired me as your wedding planner. It's ok to tell the truth, I can take it.

  2. I LOVE this post...and MaLe is so beautiful! I had to read this one...the title you know!..."Foolish Bride"...I wonder what that's about? And...I wonder if I'm one too! I think we've all sung "incorrect" lyrics...even while performing! :) (It's my little secret..Sshh!)

    Lovely pics!

  3. Congratulations! I wish you a L O N G, happy life together and look forward to reading about your many adventures together.


  4. A wedding planned by Mean Louise herself? That would be fantastic and had I thought of it....

    And moonlight - give me some lyrics! Everyone - give me the lyrics that you personally misheard and sang wrong - to make MaLe feel better....

  5. I wish you two much love, happiness, and songs to sing wrong!

    Here's an example - the song, Africa, by Toto - I thought that the chorus was "I guess the rains down in Africa are gonna take some time to find some things I never planned." Or another time, I sang it as "I guess it rains down in Africa."

    Those are a far cry from the real lyrics, of course, and I am forever banned from being Adam's back-up singer because of it. It's a tragic loss, but I still love the song. (Adam played it at our wedding!)

  6. No - those are the real lyrics. I guess the rains dah dah dah....wait...I left the rains down in Africa... hmmm

  7. O.K. It was "Come Together"...Here come ol' flat top he come groovin' up slowly he got joo joo eyeballs he...What comes next? I had to revert to hand and body motions to remember the words. It was like a Saturday Night Live skit when I was done with it.

    Oh, and I had to make up the words to my OWN song because I had forgotten them!...Pretty silly, huh?

  8. Ah - like the lyrics to Come Together make so much sense anyway. And here's another example where I need to look up the real words!

  9. What a nice story of a wedding. Congratulations to you both and best wishes for a long, happy life together.

  10. hi! thanks for the good wishes ! and for solidarizing with the singing different lyrics issues... wished Rebeca got to plan the wedding, although i dont know what would we have done with the elephant after the ceremony,...

    PS to the groom: y yo a ti

  11. Congrats to you both and hope to see you all one day soon! I know you'll both be (are) very happy!!!!


  12. ....thats so freaking sweet!!!!.... your honeymoon... i think i am gonna cry.... I am so happy for you guys... you are a match made in heaven.... felicidades Male... te llevaste un gran hombre... y el una hermosa mujer... tienen mucha suerte de haberse encontrado... Congratulations


  13. Gracias mi pequeño amiga peruana.

  14. My first husband and I did it in front the the JP, too with no family there (we were in Texas and our fmaily in Fla.). But I liked it like $$$$ spent on dresses and cakes and crap! Plus, I do NOT like being the center of attention.

    Your pictures are beautiful! And what a perfect place for a honeymoon!

    Now, here's my lyrical screw up..that really lame-ass song by Richard Marx (I think)...Hold on to the night. Hold on to the mammaries... yeah, well, let's just say that's how my husband always sang it!

  15. I think I never congratulated the groom so this is the time... I'm so happy that MaLe found someone who can be next to her for loving and caring, She's a great friend and She's really lucky... both of you because you're deeply in love

    Best wishes

    The other MaLe