Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Munckeys in Dipr

If you happen to recall the post from August 5th - Monkey Diapers - (a tale of my childhood experiences on the Florida Monkey Sanctuary, including instructions for cleaning poop swaddled monkeys) you may understand why it was the #2 most popular post of all time. Monkeys + Diapers + Kids is gold. (The only thing that can trump it is a the tale of survival in the Everglades.) But the events of August 5th had a lingering impression on the young, diaper-infatuated mind of little Josie who expertly transferred her image of the whole monkey diapering scene to paper. Her father Frank recently sent the original pencil on paper artwork to me which has been scanned and posted below for your enjoyment. I love it. Two monkeys, both with tails wearing obvious diapers. The third monkey relaxing in the grass waiting for a diaper change.
Thank you Josie!


  1. i loved the drawing, good job for Josie.

    i'm just curious, the one on the right is a shooting star or a flying diper?

  2. hahah - I need to ask the artist!

  3. ah yes very nice artwork!!


  4. This is WAY cute. I just love children's artwork!