Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mad & Madder

It's been suggested that I've been posting rants lately instead of entertaining explouts of the Everglades. I've eaten a few bags of M&Ms and things should return to abnormal soon. Sorry for the derailment.

More on the Everglades and a "return" to Tayos Cave coming soon.


  1. I try to keep up with your posts but have been so swamped lately that I have not read any of the 'rants'! ;-)

    Most of life's problems can be solved by a bag of M&Ms and/or some duct tape! Where would we be without both? =)

    Great post!!

  2. i enjoyed the rants. though a tie back to the everglades on how the mass amounts of people that don't normally drive anywhere suddenly driving to the poles effects the environment would have been good! haha