Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Baby Time!

He doesn't know it, but when he was 5 months into his gestation, my new nephew got to experience the Everglades when his pregnant mom, not pregnant dad and little sister visited in April and we went to the Everglades. There's my justification for the birth announcement here on the Everglades blog!

August 21st at 1:15 am Carter William was born to Brian and Tara. Little sister is thinking...."this is not happening....can we give him back?

He's adorable.


  1. Congrats on being an Uncle again Pete.
    & Congrats to Tara, Brian, & Peyton!
    Hope baby & Mom are doing well.

  2. Hola, I'm happy for Tara, Bryan and Peyton that are welcoming the new baby at home, he is a beautiful baby with a very nice name.. Best wishes, and congratulations to Uncle Petie, and all the family. XOXO