Friday, August 31, 2007

Signs of Laziness

Jungle Pete is returning North - if only for a few days to visit the family and anyone else he can round up. He's also practicing speaking in the third person for no apparent reason. Pete can't leave without writing one more time, but seeing as he's been tying up loose ends at work before he goes, he hasn't had time to put together a cohesive thought. So Pete presents to you a few of the crazy signs he's seen on my exploits. I mean his exploits. They didn't really fit anywhere else so here they are.
Is it me or does the proprietor seem a little peeved with the police? Hey Police! You are on notice! (Naples, FL)

This one was put up after a raccoon swung a club and lost the grip, sending a 9-iron through the windshield of a BMW. (Cape Coral, FL)

I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know if this is a goof or if there are "land crabs" I need to worry about running over. I'd hate to think I was needlessly concerned. (Hollywood, FL)

It's hard enough to go 12 MPH, but this is impossible. The squirrel looks a bit flat already. (Punta Gorda, FL)

This one I think I may have posted before - but it bears repeating. (Did I say bear and but in the same sentence.) (LaBelle, FL)
This is a bonus. This is called the Cape Coral Tower of Terror. It was constructed by Rotary volunteers and has withstood hurricanes, high winds and poor construction. It's not trick photography. It really looks like an Eischer drawing. It's listing and shakes when you go up it. How it has not collapsed is beyond me.
Ok - this is perhaps the worst entry to date, but it's really just an announcement of my temporary departure from Florida. I'm looking forward to seeing new nephew Carter and the rest of the nieces and nephews. I'll be in Vermont on Thursday 9/6 for anyone who wishes to gather at the Long Trail Pub and Brewery in Bridgewater, VT.


  1. Hey Pete,

    I am so bummed. We'll be out of town when you are in Vt. Sorry to miss you. We'll back on Sept 7th. Have safe trip and if you see any funky signs, please take pictures!!!

  2. I should probably check to make sure Long Trail is even open on a Thursday night. I was thinking 6 pm....

  3. Pete!

    There's a 50% chance I'll be down that way that day. So please DO let us all know if you'll be there Thursday night --

    cheers from South Woodchuckbury,


  4. Dang - Long Trail closes at 5 pm. I need to find another place to meet. will let you know.

  5. Hey Pete! It'd be great to see you. Sept 6 works for me. How about Inn at Long Trail at top of Sherburne Pass? Soon.

  6. INN at LONG TRAIL it is. 6 pm on Thursday.

  7. Got it. I might be taking Annie to Mendon Orchard, where she's on the picking crew. She's not due there till Friday, but maybe it'll work out...