Monday, May 21, 2007

El Gato the Cat

The extent of my Spanish speaking abilities are restricted to words I read in the airport and things that MaLe says to the cat. I have it on good authority (MaLe's brothers) that what she is saying to the cat is actually nonsense and can not be translated.

Yet still I feel my vocabulary growing and MaLe even thought it a good idea to label everything in my office (aka the nerd room - don't ask) with translations. Sure. Fine. Whatever. I bought a 6-pack of mini post it notes (100 to a pack) at her request and went to work. I have no doubt this method will bear fruit. I think there are still a few post-it notes left, but my office is essentially newly decorated in 1x1 1/2 inch yellow squares. la vela, el calendario, la lampara, el frasca....they are everywhere! But by far my favorite has to be this one. The Silverback Gorilla/Poodle look was not bad enough....

Poor Tso.


  1. A picture of the office labeled would have been an added bonus. Aren't you an environmentalist? How many trees did you kill with all those notes? hahaha
    la chupa cabra

  2. El gato este muy caliente.

  3. I believe you meant feu? That cat is a beautiful freak.

  4. no es feo, its just a cat version of French Pooddle.