Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Ahead

Ma-le's family has been here visiting, so no time to post and much to (my wee little sister) Mandy's dismay, she's had to go back to reading her horoscope in the a.m. instead of this nonsense. Hopefully this helps on both counts.

(March 12th, 2007 - Horoscope for people born on December 19th - "This week you will find the perfect opportunity to embezzle money from your company. Take advantage. You’ll never get caught. Here’s a genuine no risk way to get that bonus you’ve been asking the boss about for the past few weeks. He won’t give it to you? Take it. Follow the true American tradition of taking what you want when you want it. Be aggressive.")

Annnnnyway.....I took the Garcia family to see the Manatees that congregate around the power plant. The warm water discharged from the plant attracts them (the Manatees, not the Garcias), but all of the manatees were out in the Gulf of Mexico since the gulf has been warmer lately for some odd reason...something about "Global Warmings?"

There was a Swamp Rabbit, which was not as exciting as a Manatee. Apparently the males fight ferociously for mating rights with females. I didn't wish to get much closer as it may have been incubating an egg. Which reminds me that I forgot to give up anything for lent. I'll just give up twice as much chocolate tomorrow. I've digressed again.

As their name Swamp Rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus) suggests - they do inhabit swamps through out Florida, regardless of the large crocodilians that are found in the some of the same locales.

Failing in my quest to impress with Manatees, I decided to take them out to Sanibel Island off the coast of Fort Myers to check out the beach. Since I had a request for no more Pelican pictures, here are some gulls. It was a beautiful night with a cool breeze blowing and crickets chirping. Juan Jose and I were stumbling through a cluster of Sea Grapes just after dusk looking for a hidden geocache while Patrico was lucky enough to spot 2 Eastern Screech Owls. I abandoned the geo search and pursued the owls. No luck in getting a good photo, but we did catch the owls, mating, which lasted all of 5 seconds.

Awkward segue here, but it's late and I need to sleep so I'll finish with another picture of a sunset - but no pelicans.

Ma-le's mom flies back to Ecuador in a few days, so I'll post this for her.
(Pia, Ma-Le, Juan Jose, Patricio at Bowman's Beach - Sanibel Island, FL)
Bye mama Garcia - see you soon.


  1. ahhh i was just reading my horoscope. It is the year of the fire pig!!
    Thanks for the picture of the rabbit, i nearly soiled my armor!

    Nice birds. You could print that and put "inspire" or "keep your head up" or something like that inspirational crap they sell to people who work in cubicles.

    Lion of Fire

  2. Thanks for being good to my family. :)

    You didnt write how did we make the gulls come near the camera for the picture.