Saturday, March 24, 2007


How bad is it living with me? Am I so horrible that I might drive one to leap off a balcony? The answer is yes. More on that later.

As I headed to work this morning, well before sunrise, I sat behind a car at a red light. No one coming either way. Not a car in sight for half a mile. And yes you can turn right on red, but the person in front of me didn't turn until the light turned green. It's ok. I got their plate. HAWAII! I assume they only have one road in Hawaii and it's a big circle around the island so no need to ever turn right? I cut them some slack.

On my tour today I had a couple from Boston who were in town to see the Red Sox spring training. Fair for me to assume they are Red Sox fans? Nope. They won an all expense paid trip to see 2 games from Bank of America. Airfare, Hotel, Car Rental and Restaurants included. Kinda cool. They rooted for the Red Sox anyway.

So tonight it was a bit warm (82 degrees) and I decided to let the cats out on the balcony. We live on the 2nd floor and it's 10 feet to the ground. I wouldn't jump. Now this may be a coincidence, but just last night I had asked Ma-Le if she wanted General Tso for dinner. I was referring to the Chinese food which is also the namesake for my cat, General Tso's. Did he misunderstand? Around 9:30 pm Ma-Le asks if I've seen the big dufus. Sure enough he jumped into the dark abyss! Maybe he saw a better place below. Maybe the Muscovy ducks looked tasty. Maybe the neighbor's cat Lo-Mien was looking good. I don't know.

I retrieved him. His little kitty heart beating as fast as a hummingbird's. No more free passes to the balcony. And next time I'll refer to the General Tso chicken as the number 12. (Steamed rice please)

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  1. I'm very happy the meez is back!!
    oh ya love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!