Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness

Rare are the people that join my safaris that really, royally, horrifically irk me. Today was my first since returning to EDS and he was a doosy.

Just like VINS camp, I need to make sure that all of my people or kids are where they're supposed to be. Today was no different. I had 12 people and they were getting on the Everglades National Park boat tour with other people so I did a head count. My nemesis, whom I will call Mr.Dumbleton, steps onto the boat in his loafers, pressed pants and polo shirt and says to me, "bet you never thought you'd be using your college education doing this!" I just looked at him with wrinkled brow and a menacing gaze and then said with a whiplash smile and sprightly cheer "Every day's an adventure!" and kicked him in the pants (but the last part was only in my head).

I guess it wasn't so bad. People say awkward things all the time.

In the afternoon, Mr.Dumbleton decided not to go on the airboat road. He'd been on one before. I have too. But I love going every chance I get. There was no room for me today, so yaay, I get to hang around with this guy for an hour!

The boat departs and there we are, two peas from two clearly different Mendel (Estelle click here) pods.

"You must get bored doing this" he asks.
"Na - there's something different everyday" I replied.
"You do this every day?" he said, asking the most often asked question."
"Just 2 times a week during the busy season"
"So what do you do for a real job? This obviously isn't what you do full time"
I, clearly showing the recessive trait of decency, politely explained that I'm the Director of Operations and this is in fact my "real job" and then I kicked him in the pants. But not really.

Since I don't have any pictures to post of this exchange, I thought I'd post a picture of an owl guarding its den/nest, sent in by Wayne in Phoenix, who described it as terrifying and dangerous - "It made me scream like a girl" - he said...or...something like that. I can't remember.

But to be fair - it was a HUGE owl.


  1. Well III am very proud of you!

    I'll use my degree in psychology...I believe he was just trying to cover up for his own inadequacies and was jealous of your free spirit and joy of life in your job. He probably works in an office where he is allowed only one picture on the wall and 2 subordinates. His wife wears the pants in the family and his dad gave him a hard time as a child. Besides, who irons pants!

    Lion of Fire---hear me roar

  2. Good Morning Pete, We just have to tell you that we LOVE your BLOG! Every day is an ADVENTURE! It "almost" makes us feel like we are all back in JAMAICA STATE PARK and we are lending an ear to the adventures of the day! Keep up the good work! We both think you ought to consider "writing" -- you have a great way with words. Have a super day...

    "Jamaica Mom & Pa"