Friday, March 16, 2007

School for the Gifted

It's a known fact that I'm not terribly bright, despite attending Pine View School for the Gifted. That was the actual name of my school from 5th-12th (but when asked, I always muttered the "gifted" part under my breath). There's a certain expectation of a gifted student and I'll be damned if I'll be held to that standard.

The original Pine View was torn down in 1996 and relocated from Sarasota to Osprey, Florida. After 27 years of what was originally a campus dotted with portable buildings for classrooms, Pine View was transformed into a permanent facility with athletic fields, cafeterias and miracle of miracles - hallways. Gone were the days of tornado drills (under the desk and prepare for the Lollipop Guild!) and walking to the neighboring elementary school cafeteria for corn dogs and brussel sprouts (today Shepherd's Pie is served in fancy restaurants - $10.95 and still disgusting).

I drove by the other day - on a Sunday when the nerd alert level was low and checked out the "new" campus. It doesn't have the same sentimental attachment. There are less pine cones and thus less ammunition for bully nerds. And the walkways are not only paved but covered, which eliminates the "it was raining and I didn't want to get my viola wet" excuse that kept me from practicing. It's just not the same.

One thing that had not changed was my inability to comprehend something that seemingly I should have. As I drove around the student pick-up area, I noticed this sign. And I just can't quite explain the intention.
Is it an inspirational suggestion implying forward movement is progress? If so does this confuse parents pulling into the loading zone? Or is it warning of a potential parking violation? If so, how does one pick up their childif they are in constant forward motion?

I'll put the question to you - you may leave your comments anonymously or otherwise by clicking Comments below. That would be clicking "Comments", which is below this. I wouldn't want anyone searching for the "Comments below" link.


  1. Frankly, I'm just amused by the graphic of a cartoon JunglePete cradling a baby cheetah.

  2. It was supposed to be my cat, Ti.

  3. As a parent who utilizes the child drive-thru, I applaud this sign as I am usually the one honking at the other parents to get their children in the car and move along! My kid knows that 2 MPH or less is a safe speed to "A-Team it" into the vehicle. hahaha I kid I kid.

    Lion of Fire

  4. I know you are not kidding. I've seen the kid dive through the window like the Dukes of Hazzard.

    Is your name Lion of Fire - like caught in the Line of Fire?

  5. Let's see, in Florida, I believe this sign is missing the bottom half, and only pertains to Election Day.

    Continue to Move Forward (Only if you are voting Republican.)

  6. p.s. I didn't get to see Pete cradle a baby cheetah. Bring back the Cheesah!

  7. i think that comment makes as much sense as the I'm truly confused.

    explain and maybe you'll get the Cheetah back!

  8. I was referring to the first comment, talking about you cradling a cheetah, but you meant for it to be your cat.

  9. I was referring to the first comment, talking about you cradling a cheetah, but you meant for it to be your cat.