Monday, October 26, 2009

Audubon Guides - When Push Comes to Shove - Purple Gallinule

I pushed my little sister off a roof once when we were kids. It wasn’t malicious behavior. My sisters and I were filming a backyard action movie and the scene required a spectacular eight foot plunge. The youngest sister had changed her mind at the last minute and with fading light, I gently nudged her. I got the shot. Looking back it reminds me of Bald Eagle chicks and the eldest who unceremoniously shoves the youngest hatchling out of the nest. One less mouth to feed. More for me. It’s called obligate siblicide and it’s not very nice.

Leave a comment when you get there!


  1. Great photo and post! The bird is remarkable!

    My older brother never pushed me off a roof but he did shoot me in the knee with a BB gun. It was an accident, I think. =)

  2. HI Pete,
    I wish you are watching my just produced the cryptozoological mysteries series in South America "Destination;Truth" SyFy Channel...Wednesday 10:00 pm.Tomorrow is the last episode of four I create and produce and this new one is about living dinosaurs.

  3. I'll make sure to record it - thanks Alex