Monday, May 25, 2009

Are You Man Enough? - Attack A Shark Edition

Descartes once said "I drink therefore I fish". It was later in his life and he would have said anything to stay relevant French masses.

For me - I don't drink beer - therefore I don't fish. I don't have the patience to fish nor the inclination/demons to drink. I also don't have to prove my manhood but duping a large-toothy cartilaginous fish into thinking it's going to get a meal and than yanking it out of the water by it's face.
On June 6th and 7th - insecure people will have the opportunity to fish for sharks during the "Are You Man Enough? Shark Challenge" on Fort Myers Beach. Click on the link and you get an idea of the foolishness involved here.

And keep in mind that Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Beach are the main draw for tourists here in Lee County. Promoting shark fishing off our shores can't be good for tourism, but I'm not so naive to think the sharks are not there. They are. In truth the tournament sends boaters up to Boca Grande where sharks are far more prevalent. Up until the protests (by groups like Shark Safe) started last week, there was no rule against killing the sharks. After public outcry, fisherman will be encouraged to catch and release.

Although I don't fish I'm not anti-sport fishing. I just take exception to the testosterone-fueled marketing campaign that demonizes sharks. I will give them credit for listening to the public and elected officials and I understand marketing is about getting attention but I call into question any one's manhood that feels the need to catch the biggest fish to prove themselves a man.

A few things to consider - there have been 7 confirmed shark attacks in Lee County since 1882!

The global threats humans cause sharks and the diminishing populations of most shark species around the world suggest we should be protecting rather than harming sharks.

For more on Shark Conservation go here -

For moron Shark fishing go here -


  1. When my m-i-l expressed concern at our going to the beach one summer after there had been LOTS of media attention about shark attacks, I told her I grew up on the beach and that I was positive I'd swum near sharks all the time as a kid because they were in the water. She freaked out. I pointed out that I had swum near them and had never gotten hurt. I think it's something that people who don't spend lots of time near the water don't understand. She wanted us to cancel our beach trip.

    Of course, the chance to bug my m-i-l was a side benefit.

  2. good for you trying to get your M-i-l in the water with sharks :)

  3. That's a lame marketing campaign. True fisherman know it is more about the experience than catching the biggest fish.