Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - Thanks for the Regurgitated Fish

I wonder if Ospreys miss their mother after they leave the nest? Momma Osprey is looking after her 3 chicks (below). She's the larger of the birds looking right and the three chicks have white specks on their wings. The parents diligently prepped the nest, laid the eggs, incubated the eggs, fed the chicks and watched them grow - as we have watched on tour for the last few months. The chicks fledged this week and headed off on their own.
Chances are they won't see their parents again. Will they miss them? I would think so but I have no doubt they miss the regurgitated, partially digested fish. Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy every day with mom that you can.


  1. So do they osprey stay in the same area as when they were born? Do the parents become just other birds that they share territory with?

  2. They all find their own territories and move to the Boston area I believe.