Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's In the Box? - Mean Louise Edition

I was asked to pick up a package yesterday in Fort Lauderdale and when I arrived I was asked "Are you here for the box?"
"I guess I am"
I've had issues with boxes in the past.
See - What's in the Box?  
Knowing what was inside - I carried it around all day and everywhere I went people asked what was in the box. I don't ask what's in their purses. I don't ask what's on their laptop. I don't ask them what's in their trunk or their medicine bag - but for some reason everyone thinks they have a right to know what's in my box. 

I could have anything in the box and if I tell people what's in the box that usually placates their curiosity. They don't actually need to see in the box. 

Obviously it was an alligator. I mean everyone with a head-sized box either has a baby alligator in it or a head. I don't have a permit for a head but I do have a permit for a gator. 

Since I had to stay in Fort Lauderdale I needed a place to keep the poor thing until we can get her to our facility where she'll be united with Chomp-Chomp. 
She's not a pet but for identification purposes she has a name - Mean Louise. She's feisty, shows her teeth and hisses but is gentle - for now. She may look cute but some day she'll be able to do some damage. And what's in the box? How about what's in the tub.


  1. i can imagine the scream of the housekeeper if entering the room to clean it... what´s the story behind the name?

  2. Wow. Thanks - no one's ever named a gator after me before. I'm touched. Really!

  3. Oh wait, this part was about the gator....

    "She's feisty, shows her teeth and hisses but is gentle - for now. They may look cute but some day she'll be able to do some damage. "

  4. When people ask what an animal's name is my stock answer is "It's not a pet so it doesn't have a name". But I like naming things and Mean Louise was the first thing that came to mind. When I started doing the tours in 1998 we had a baby gator that I named Mean Joe Green after the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker of the same name. Mean Louise is named after famous socialite and den mother of the apocalypse Rebecca - who is endlessly entertaining and even more feisty than the gator. She writes a blog called Mean Louise.

  5. Is that gator poop in the tub

  6. i love that they let you check into the hotel with the gator and that you let her run around in the bathroom while you took a shower! hahaha