Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Jungle Pete....

The following are drawings from the gifted students at Cafferatta & Diplomat Elementary School in Cape Coral following my alligator presentation last week. Thanks to Mrs. Taylor and the other teachers for teaching such thoughtful kids. Great art and fantastic comments  - not to mention they have better handwriting, spelling and grammar than I do!

"Thank you for teaching us about the temperature alligators need to be boys and girls." - Reinier
"I loved when you pushed his eye in, that was gross looking but cool" - Julia
"That alligator bark was really good to know about. That way if any alligators call I know to get out of there." - Heather
"The favorite thing about the alligator was their bark." - Sean
"I can't believe it had 80 teeth! That was really amusing." - Victoria
"The alligator had the most interesting snout." - Dylan
"It was very weird how animals with such a small brain know how to make a hole of water." - Franklin
"I loved the little alligator Chomp-Chomp" - Julia
"I learned so many things I did not know like they have extra eyelids!" - Jacob
"I also liked how you told us how many eggs will survive and how many they lay." - Jayden
"It was very fun learning all those facts about alligators and crocodiles." - Camilo
"The stuff you do is amazing! I was telling everyone that what you do is awesome!" - Tyler
"There was a lot of interesting facts that you told, like the largest alligator." - Jessebell
"When you took out Chomp-Chomp I dropped my mouth!" - Frankie
"The alligator you brought was really scary and awesome" - Jan Carlo
"I really liked the alligator Chomp-Chomp but  I think his name should be Chompy." - Michael
"We also appreciate the game you taught us. My egg survived and now I am a hatchling." - Brandon
"Also, I thank you for playing the alligator nest game with us." - David
"My favorite part was when you made the alligator bark." - Logan

Thanks kids! 
Sincerely, Jungle Pete


  1. Maybe the next Steve Irwin was amongst them and he or she will follow their dream because of the time you shared. Thanks for educating them on wildlife and thanks for sharing their tribute to you.

  2. I hope I can inspire kids to do good things! When I started writing this blog back in 2007 it was to keep in touch with the families in Vermont that I had taught for years. I hope a few are still reading after all this time.

    This was my first time back in the classroom after all that time. The kids were great and I loved their art. I thought the comments were a lot of fun and I had to share.

  3. Michael W. CorradinoApril 25, 2009 at 3:44 PM

    "It was very weird how animals with such a small brain know how to make a hole of water." - Franklin

    Well maybe that's what explains why so many pool companies go out of business.

    Jungle Pop

  4. I absolutely LOVE all the pictures. I love the different variations of alligators. I read all the comments! They were super fantastic. You know what's really great...they're listening and learning! You have a huge opportunity to educate not just the kids, but everyone you meet. As for all of us that read your blog...we're listening and learning too! Keep on keepin' on.

  5. Loved the blogs about your adventure in the classroom and the kids' letters and drawings. Makes me wish I was back in the classroom again. -- Um -- On second thought, I'm happier here watching the gators in the lake in front of our condo. But I did love that the kids remembered so much. I used to find that I could say the same information, and the students wouldn't remember -- but have a guest speaker expert come into the classroom and they were all ears, soaking up information like sponges. Take advantage of all opportunities to do classroom visits like that. Mother Nature needs all the help she can get.

  6. They are a lot of fun. That's my favorite age range to teach as well. They respond to silly ideas like an alligator at the dentist.

  7. Hooray for these kids, and for Pete and their teachers! Great drawings (love the bumble bee alligator) and comments. It's most reassuring to be reminded of the wonderous enthusiasm of children as they learn. -kt in b'more