Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Exclamation Points!!!

I'll spare you the year end in review. For New Year's Eve I like to clean out my desk, get rid of junk in the closet, remove animal bones from the back of my car and check for belly lint. It's my way of starting fresh. So for your amusement and to continue my tradition - here is the clean up post where I offer a few photos I've taken during the year that I had no idea where to put throughout the year. Fort Myers Beach (Feb 08) - I called and tried to explain that I was worried about the economy. They didn't listen either.

Manatee Park, Fort Myers - No crabs, no diving, but falling backwards into the alligator inhabited water is fine.

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Myers Beach - This was all the wife's idea.

Coral Springs - What kind of monster forbids kites?!?

Cligman's Dome, North Carolina - It was cold. And no one was looking.

Cherokee, North Carolina - Tempting....

I don't know why I find this amusing.

Regional Southwest Airport, Fort Myers - Something's not right? Yeah I flew on Jet Blue. Never again.

Montreal, Quebec - The old man is faking it. He has his cane backwards.

Montreal, Quebec - Amusing to me. I imagined the artist desperately trying to convey a scene of violence with stick figures.

Fort Myers - I was cold. And no one was looking.

Fort Myers Beach - Sister sister...she's not a nun...obviously - poses with the Photo-Op-Cop.

Home - This happens more often than you would think in my line of work.
This post didn't end well. Thankfully 2008 did. Here's to a fantastic 2009.
New Year's Resolution - Use less exclamation points in my writing and live more exclamation points. I think I can do that! hmmm.


  1. Happy New Year, Pete and Ma-Le and all!
    Pete, thanks for the blog.



    -10 F. here
    in Woodbury

  2. Many things happen when you are cold and nobody is looking

  3. The photo op cop was not hugging back. You failed to mention the random field he was in. I never did see the goats :o
    -Sister Mandy

  4. Next year we'll show you the Million Dollar Goats.