Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dolphin Heads! - Get Your Dolphin Heads!

Why is it you can go to just about any tacky gift shop in Florida and get an Alligator head but for some reason I've never seen Dolphin heads for purchase?

They're all real. We spotted these in a gift shop that lured Ma-Le in with "Free Freshly Squeezed Juice!" They were out of juice but had plenty of dead gator heads.


  1. Dolphin heads smell bad. Duh!

  2. Not if you use the Ronco Dolphin Head Dehydrator.

  3. that's it, that's all you've got!!!!

  4. I was watching the debates and got tired. I'm sorry.

  5. I agree with whoever said "thats it thats all you got"... I only read your blog every 3 months or so.. so I expect much more.. for next time.. please.. gosh... you will lose your Arizona audience.. and is probably the only state on the west side that you got... GEEZZZ...jaja..
    take care

    -La Peruanita