Monday, October 29, 2007


You have not seen this bird - or maybe you have? It's one of the great rare finds down here and I was lucky enough to see my 2nd Scrub Jay (the first being on a UVM Florida Ecology class in 1993). I also saw my 3rd, 4th and 5th. This is apparently a local colony. Another rare bird endangered by habitat loss. Biologists recently put fencing around an undeveloped residential area to leave the Scrub Jays at peace - searching for insects in and around the grass pushing up through the cracks in the unused roads. I love that.

My pig friends are back. Actually mama and three piglets. I stood motionless as they got closer and closer.

Mom pig spotted me - squealed and then bolted into the woods. and then bolted out of the woods. And then back into the woods. I squealed in my head and tiptoed past. Coming soon Jungle Pete goes to Ecuador Part 4!


  1. nice little piggies.....cant wait to see the Ecuadorian adventure

  2. that was a boring one.

  3. Sorry - They can't all be winners. I hadn't written in a week. Been busy but wanted to at least post something. I'll try harder. For me - not for you anonymous. You are a coward. What did you write this year? hehe.

  4. Wow! Beautiful pictures, and I never saw a scrub jay once when I was down there, for four years. (I was hanging around with botanists and coastal nuts, so we weren't exactly looking, either.) Lucky you -- and thank you for posting this.

    Anon, the bird's looking smarter than you...

  5. I wish those pictures were better - but I was a long way away and had the camera zoomed all the way in. So this was the best I could do. Fantastic bird.

    Lucky yes - helps that I spend one day a week stepping in ant piles, hiking through sand spurs and being chased by pigs. It puts me in places where I can see the coolest stuff.

  6. boring....jaja... hey I don't know who the other anonymous is, but I like the piggies.. I take responsability for that comment, hey
    i think I have seen that bird, but is just called a Blue jay here... i'll look it up.. (hey I'm reading, are u happy?)