Friday, October 19, 2007

Material Boy

I don't want things. I like having as little as possible - just the things I need but I have been programmed to "want presents" on my birthday, Christmas and for some reason Easter. I blame in no particular order my mother, Santa and Jesus.

So I had to fight the urge to want and expect gifts on my birthday like I always seem to do, although I am truly content at my age to simply have people acknowledge that I happened to be born on this day of all of the 365 days (or 366 as it were).

In fact I'm even content to get phone calls that I will not be receiving a gift. On my birthday I got a call asking to speak to Ma-Le - so I explained she wasn't "here" (which was very much the truth since I was in the Everglades). They asked that she call in the next 5 minutes since they did not have the "Teddy Bear and Flowers" she ordered. I told them she was in Ecuador and the voice on the other end said "Oh - then I am canceling this order". and he hung up. A Teddy Bear and flowers were waiting at the door when I returned home. I assume they didn't have the giant candy filled grizzly Teddy Bear holding a batch of bear grass that I've always wanted.

Later that night I went to dinner with my boss, his wife, their daughter Alicia and her friends (none of whom I advertised my birthday to). When I got to the restaurant, there was a pile of presents on the table and they all cheered as I entered. Alicia yelled guess who's birthday it is (and just before I could say mine) she said "it's my birthday" and everyone cheered. And then she said "guess who else's birthday it is?" (and just before I could say mine she said "It's Travis's birthday!" and everyone cheered including some random guy named Travis who was also celebrating his birthday. So I said "Guess who else's birthday it is? Mine!" and the cheering stopped and they all looked at me like I had ruined their fun with my ridiculous proclamation. She said "let me see your ID" and I gave it too her and she screamed and everyone cheered and we all had a drink of something that tasted like liquid cupcakes. Three birthdays - What are the chances?

So the presents were not for me and I'm fine with that - honestly because I had the good fortune of having many birthday wishes - so thanks!

Time to go open a package I just got. I hope it's that 48" rotating cupcake display with chocolate fountain I always wanted.

Without apologies - next post - back to the Everglades

UPDATE - I opened the package - My little sister sent this in the mail with 18 cupcakes (in their containers but yes actual cupcakes. It looked like a rabid possum had gotten into the dumpster at the penny candy store. It's the thought that counts.


  1. UGH!! 48 cupcake tree?!! I couldn't afford that AND the $30 to send your package via UPS haha You'll have to settle for the 13 cupcake tree and some really mooshed cupcakes.

    Love you,
    l'il sister

  2. Happy Birthday, Pete...belated:(
    If we would have known how much you love cupcakes we would have sent you away with huge supply after our last VINS party! oh, well. Hope you had a great day and wishing for many blessings for you this coming year!

  3. Oh there were cupcakes! I do believe at the end of the spring of 2006 there was a tray of little cupcakes and I had to wrestle an Altland for one!