Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family Vacation: Ahh, Venice

The following is a continuation of Tiffany's flashback tour of Venice, Florida where we grew up. Here are some of her photos from way back when and from now.

Venice Avenue 1973 - Mom, a monkey, me (with hair) and little sister Tara in the stroller - she kinda looks like another monkey.
Venice Avenue 2009 with my niece and nephew. (was it coincidence that Tiffany took the photo in the exact same spot?)

Tiffany at Munday Park in 1970 - My father helped get this park created and Tiffany had a sense of ownership because of that. We lived a few houses down and when she would come here to play - she'd be miffed if other kids were on "her" playground. A two year old with a sense of entitlement!Tiffany's daughter Abigail at Munday Park in 2009

Dad, a monkey, Mom (prego with Tiffany), cousin Bill and Aunt Anne at the Venice Depot in 1968.

The Venice Depot in 2009 - now part of the Heritage Trail for bikers and hikers.

Tiffany at our old Groveland Avenue house in Venice. I was an infant - I don't remember those dogs. Amazing that there are still some classic old houses that they haven't torn down to make way for cookie cutter homes.Gunther Gebel-Williams - was considered one of the greatest animal trainers of all time and perfromed for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus in the The Greatest Show On Earth®. He was Venice's favorite son and a world class entertainer. Regardless of my opinions of circuses today, as children we found his show entertaining. He was probably the first person I understood to be "famous" and our parents knew him! He passed away a few years ago and is memorialized below in an appropriately flamboyant statue with a surprisingly defined cod piece. He was inducted into the International Circus Hall of Fame in 1999.

And the last picture is for Jack and Josie who think "monkey diapers" are funny. And really who doesn't? Here's a picture of me in 1971 - in a diaper on Venice Beach. Had I known Tiffany had this picture I would have posed for a picture with me in a diaper on Venice Beach in 2009.
EDITED (3/4/2009) - Malena suggested I post this picture of me in a diaper from 2007. I am the SMURF on the left. Baby New Year in the middle and Ashley Hayes Traut on the far right.


  1. I enjoy so much looking at this old pictures, good job by Tiff and you for putting together this past and present Blog...

  2. We had such a nice visit. Thanks for letting us drag you around Venice again. I had a great time pulling old pictures out for comparison, too. Thanks for letting us 'guest blog'. :)

  3. and thank you for always finding a way to include photos of my husband in a diaper. -kt

  4. It's really embarassing - I mean there are reputable people who read this blog and must wonder how I've veered off course so drastically. I'll get back to the Everglades tomorrow....

  5. Enjoyed the blog again today. I find it interesting from a "conservation" standpoint that some of Venice hasn't changed, while in other areas MAJOR highways have cut through old farmland.

  6. Beacuse there's gold in them there cow pastures. You can make more money selling your cattle and land and letting developers build another CVS - and another Walgreens across the street. It ain't right.

  7. Great to see the old Venice pics. I grew up there (well, maybe later) and graduated Venice High in '74, when you were just walking I suppose. Thanks for sharing the pics! Tom Bolton