Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pigeon Forge - Another Apology

I've been away on vacation, but in my absence a few posts that I had written before I left came out a bit screwy. The previous of which "Polar Bear Opposites" was sabotaged and some of the text did not appear. I blame the NSA but that's what I get for showing my political leanings.

It is fixed now.

Anyway. I'm back and will post some Smokey Mountain spelunking, salamandering and "bear frightening baby" photos over the next few days, but to lighten the mood and assure I have a post that does not mention hurricanes - here's a few photos of our final adventure from Pigeon Forge, TN. (Described in a travel guide as such -"If this town were a haircut - it would be a mullet")

MaLe was too scared to race on the 4 story go-kart track and Ash "had to hold the baby", so Kate humored me and raced around the track of doom. When in Pigeon Forge do as the tattooed, tube-topped, chain-smoking teenage locals do.


  1. Pete has cleverly posted the photos to suggest that he overtook Kate and handily took 1st place at the Pigeon Forge 500. Reverse the photos and you'll find that he puttered home nearly 10 car lengths behind Kate "Mario Andretti" Traut. He claims he ran out of gas, but I clearly saw his pit crew top him off on the second to last lap. He also scored on himself 5 times in air hockey. Silly rabbit.

  2. You're really not setting a good example for the kids!