Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pete, Pete, Pete of the Jungle - Watch Out For That Tree!

It's Thanksgiving and there's football to passively watch, turkeys to baste and pies to eat (for breakfast? I'm looking at you Gibbs!) so I won't write much. I know, I know it takes nearly 6.5 minutes to read a typical post....where will some of you get those minutes back?!? (Blog exhaustion? I'm looking at you Gibbs - put the pie down) So I've removed most of the big words and nearly all of the spelling errors. That should help. But thought I'd share another moment from my Ecuador trip and give thanks to my three heroes for inspiring a life of vine swinging, jungle fun.

Pitfall Harry


and of course Indy

This was back on the trip to Tayos Cave. My first attempt I missed the tree - my second try I found out just how high 25 feet off the jungle floor is.

I need a whip.

(Did you get this far Gibbs?)


  1. And then you came home and went to Disney and saw Indiana Jones with Jacob & Abigail...a much safer ride.

  2. Safer yes - but as Jacob would say "That was soooo lame".

  3. that looked like are very I loved Pitfall...
    happy thanksgiving... and GO ASU...
    -Cool Peruvian Reader....

    ps. still waiting for the orginal map of Peru to be posted....
    Oh and I want to meet Scuba Smurf

  4. very cool! small words, lots of pictures, danger, no lectures about saving the planet. Took me 2.3 minutes to read. SUPER!

    l'il sister

  5. Do your sisters make up half your reading audience?

  6. No but they comment more than anyone. About 60 people+ read an average post. If there's extra danger or shmaltzy sentiments than usually more. If it's a environmental rant - usually less.