Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jungle MaLe's Everglades Adventure

MaLe learned more about Florida Panthers than she ever wanted to know. The oft repeated morning question from me - "Guess what got run over?"....."Another Panther?"
MaLe chases down an Endangered Gopher Tortoise

Enjoying the spiky-legged Lubber Grasshopper

At the beach with Brian, Tara and Peytee

MaLe, Pia, Patricio, Juan Jose and MaLe's aunt

Don't waste water in Florida!

A rare cockatoo from Papua searches for food....

The Garcias and an American Crocodile

The typical pose

What can I say?


  1. Beautiful pictures of MaLe! Given my Costa Rican heritage, I have wonderful memories of flying from Costa Rica with my grandfather in his cargo airplane and landing in Ecuador with lots of Cocoa Cola for everybody.

    God speed your return,MaLe!!!


  2. Bye MaLe!!! We'll miss you! We expect the E blog (that's Ecuador blog) when you get home!)
    Love you!

  3. Pete,
    I hope the 6 months that you and MaLe are apart go quickly.
    She seems like a keeper.

  4. I'm already missing you. Thanks for being there, the love, the patience, the teachings, and thanks for sharing your family and friends.