Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Leapin' Lizards

If you read Saturday's post - you know MaLe and I walked out to a "gator hole" at night with nothing but the moon and stars to light the way. Today I returned to the same place on one of my Everglades tours and figured I would share the scene in daylight for comparison. The mother gator was unusually active - leaping 2-3 feet into the air - from the water as she hunted for fish. Watch the YouTube video further down. Quite exciting.The difference is like night and day...


  1. Geez, I'm glad she wasn't doing that at night!

  2. wow I hope you didn't get too close.
    oh yeah i like the you tube.
    from estelle

    ps my friend holly, the one you met in vermont says she loves the website you have :P :)