Monday, February 26, 2007

Banana Shakes

My grasp of the English language is not 100%. You may have noticed that from my grammatical and spelling errors here. (And thanks to those that point them out.) Still, I think I can say that I am fluent in English. I can curse in Italian and I'm learning Spanish, although slowly. Ma-Le on the other hand is fluent in Spanish, German and English but on occasion, things are lost in translation between her Spanish-speaking mind and my English idioms. Which brings us to today's story.

Right now it's Spring Break in Florida and the roads are packed with rednecks, cottontops and lobster-colored beach revelers. As I've mentioned before, the clogged streets and severe traffic back-ups anger me, my skin turns green and suddenly I'm wearing purple pants (which is a reference to "The Hulk" and not some chemical indicator in my pants that suggests I've wet myself).
Sunday's trip to the beach was no different as it took 50 minutes to travel the 11 miles to Lover's Key State Park on the Gulf of Mexico. As we sat in traffic, I tried not to get infuriated and suggested to Ma-Le that I was trying not to get "Bent out of shape", which she responded to by saying "That sounds delicious". And I suppose it would have been "delicious" for me not to get angry, but what she heard was "Banana Shake" and whether she was subconsciously steering us towards a delicious afternoon dessert or truly misunderstood "Bent out of Shape" for "Banana Shake", I will just leave to her. And now when I sit in bumper to bumper traffic and dream of alternative modes of transportation like floating cars and teleportation, my daydream will include a Banana Shake. It's much better than getting "Bent out of Shape".

Once at the beach, it was a fantastic day of sitting in the sun (with sunscreen on), finding a few geocaches (treasures that are located via GPS and hidden across the globe) and walking the trails in search of wildlife (including more tourist eating Pelicans. I love Pelicans - and not because they eat tourists)

Ma-Le excited about the mama dolphin and her young gliding through the ocean at sunset.

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  1. less pelicans, more ma-le and dolphins.

    Lion of Fire

  2. Many people have been talking about blogging, and saying how great it is. I decided to wait awhile until I was older and more mature. I didn't want to blog just because everyone else was doing it. Finally today I blogged-it was a little scary, but I went with the flow. I guess you never forget your first blog!
    Your messages are sooo funny, they make me smile every morning. While I don't share your love of lizards and snakes, I love that you do.

    Thanks for making me laugh,