Monday, April 21, 2008

Water Taxi - Ride the Goose

Fort Lauderdale is famous for water taxis that shuttle people around Venice's sister city. Turtles apparently receive similar services.

I walked past the following scene today - dismissed it and continued on. In my head I saw a Turtle decoy on top of a Goose decoy. Then the Turtle waved a back leg and I realized that the nimble little cooter had clambered up on the floating bird to bask in the sun. I didn't dare get closer in fear he'd flee and give up the best basking spot a reptile could ask for. It must have taken the poor thing all morning to reach that plateau! Just imagine the difficulty in that maneuver. I would think it'd be easier to catch a greased pig!


  1. Jungle Pete, my lad, you have a fine eye for the unusual! The turtle is probably a decoy and the goose is flapping!
    Keep up your grand sense of humor. Thw whole world needs to laugh a little more! Get it Hillary and Barrak?
    Rita and I are leaving, god willing- for Papau New Guinea in May. My first choice fo the biggest adventure ever! Cheers

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