Monday, March 24, 2008

Woman Hit In Face By Eagle Ray

The last thing one expects when navigating the waters of the Florida Keys is to be hit in the face with a Platypus. Being hit by a Spotted Eagle Ray may make more sense but is still sufficiently weird and tragic that I felt the need to post a link to the story.

I'd like to think we have free reign on the outcome of our lives. I'd hate to think some vengeful entity spins a wheel of doom to decide the ultimate fate for each of us and just past flaming fondue accident, bitten by rabid Pomeranian or choking on a corn hit in the face by a Spotted Eagle Ray. It has to be one of the stupidest ways to die. I feel terribly for both the woman and the ray.

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  1. Yup. I personally fear "tragic gardening mishap" and "fresca-related fatality."

    That's very sad for everyone. The ray incident, I mean.

    I need a nap.

  2. yes I heard about that on the news the other day. Very sad that this is how she'll be remembered.

    Nice spin


  3. Speaking of Fresca - I held Steve DeBerg's Fresca in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers locker room in 1983. It's not death related so much but I do wish Lee Roy Selmon had been wearing a towel.

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