Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mill-Working Satanic Imps

"Mill Pond - Site of the sawmill built by John Selee in the 18th century and continued by his son, Nathan, a wizard who purportedly used satanic imps to run the mill at night."
My sister Tiffany and I went hiking today and found this sign. This is an actual sign in Easton, MA near their house. It should be noted that satanic imps are not nocturnal by nature. It's a common misconception, but in this case, they were probably used contrary to labor laws of the day, thus the need to point out their use in the mill at night.

In question here is not if imps exist, but if Nathan "purportedly" used them or not. Even more unusual is that someone named Nathan would be a wizard. It just doesn't ring. I need to dig up more on this story. A simple sign does not do the story justice.

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